It’s been a while since I posted on the blog. Travel, work and more are to blame. Many things things have happened since the last post. Off the top of my head, here are a few of the occurrences:

The Lionesses were at the Olympics where they suffered defeat after defeat. The reserve or home based Lions were in India for the Nehru Cup and finished second in a tournament they were expected to win. Samuel Eto’o declined to play forthe Lions who went on to lose 2-0 to Cape Verde.

Denis Lavagne got the boot and Jean Paul Akono returned as head coach about 10 years after he ’twas hounded out of the same job by unhappy Cameroonians.

The government has ordered or gone on its knees (depending on how you perceive things) to request Eto’o’s return to the Lions’ den. Eto’o met the PM, the new (old) coach Akono, the team manager (former captain/Eto’o’s rival/ Eto’o’s friend of the 1984 gang) Rigoberto’s Song and the Minister of Sport Adoum Garoua.

Union sportif Douala crowned champions of Cameroon in TV pundit Frank Happi’s first season in-charge as chairman of the veteran club!

And Jean Paul Akono decides o name several veterans in his 26-man squad ahead of the home game against Cape Verde….
Woof!!!! So much has happened then… Well, I’m back with a few niceties. I’ll be using tools like audio blogs, and storify to make quick posts and curate stuff for you in case I’m held up by work and can’t post a full write-up.

Start by taking a look at the Storify piece on reactions on twitter after Akono’s released his list.